Hip Hop Not radio rap (Awareness Sound Talk)

Something is cup cakin with the people, fo sure the fact is that there is more to look at than just the party view. We must study that view too, especially when it is an alternative to the corporate agenda that tries to infiltrate the true indy subcultures when it cannot totally censor or de-popularize’m. We must do a comparable analyses of skateboarding and yoga, hip hop, and even go back into the past where we can look for the fake rebels of the 60’s. Now here is a write up about how skateboarding was stolen and forced out of its craft for a few rich to out source to china while everyone could be riding blanks and learning how to press up their own with a ski press as they develop a more skate and create approach: http://www.confuzine.com/2011/09/05/skate-rebel-resistance/

Zman couldn’t be a kombucha made false type, we love his work and have always supported the true indy movement. However, the fact that people have been confused into not recognizing the difference between their wants and needs leaves many of the artists walking the edge between being conscious and having to reduce their talents to tap the party crowds. We want artist to be able to eat and people party and they need music. Its just that it has gotten so bad, too many selections are being made that do not include indy folk who are not supported because the music and arts are being bypassed for corporate agenda and even worse. NWO. So there is a point where even if our beloved indy folk refuse to quit and go out having fun with it the best they can…. we would rather enjoy some MF Doom or Zman getting buckwild instead of a extremist with no skills being positioned by big money used to keep people dumbed down. Atleast when its true indy, for every artist there are studios, labels and collectives as well as producers and basically community which allows for a more conscious outcome over all. Folk can keep the energy circulating between the people, because in reality true INDY means interdependent and in that right view we can start to build as the people by the people. This invites more and more mom and pop shop activity, rather than giving all the energy to the same five majors and their fake industry. It is a shame that the indy movement gave up their rug to the label-less lifestyle agenda marketed to them by corporations that didn’t have the interest of the people in mind. The sustainability movement was built with skateboards and biking as the life choice of the inner-city urban folk, and it was no problem to train or skate over to the studio. Where did all the underground fall into the materialistic hole of fancy cars and why? Some say that in times of war, the first thing to go is art and things just got so bad there was a hope that a balance could be found. But now looking back, many are glad they didn’t participate in the selling out. But how can people rebuild now? Every is in retroactive mode because the landscape and conditions have become so bad, the abundance and calm of the 80’s may have been a one time chance for humanity to heal the planet. But let us not give up.

We keep it alive and enjoy the solutions by turning everything into art. And we invite you to stay inspired by the down tempo community of true hop folk….. Great change comes out of the few and as many riot and turn toward the false because of weak spiritual condition, bad food and too much tv…. Many spiritual folk are going raw, keeping the music going for the youth to awaken to one day and those who dig enjoy getting to the others who are the other half of the stories we have all been told. Did you catch the Book by Daddy Long of Blacksheep and or the interview with https://twitter.com/djmarkluv ??

“Long set out to make a strong statement about the recent trends in hip-hop music. He felt compelled to return to the music scene because he believes that without strong intervention, today’s hip-hop music will continue on an unproductive course, believing that the new generation has promise beyond violence, drugs and materialism, the subject matter so prevalent in today’s popular expression.” – http://www.hiphoparea.com/news/mr-long-releases-album-for-streaming.html

But before we get going into more… watch this Fat Joe talk about weight loss and then read on. Then lets dial into the way food fits into all this and how it is a solution that needs supported. The youth are still stuck on spray paint as their ghetto image and it needs to be gardens. What can we learn from those great favorites who we have lost to cancer or those who have made shifts we can all make, changing the concepts and images into a more positive approach or path?

Although there are many from the hip hop community getting into the freelance talk thing as truthers speaking out against mind control, there is still a lack of support for a clear line that separates hip hop from rap. And the radio calls their shit hip hop, keeping things really confusing. Not to mention so many hip hop artists explored a more conscious path or atleast expressed its potential through the music only to end up tilting toward a more rap value system much like how many hippy folk became the big corporate green movement that ended up white washed. But kinda like David McGowan, Professor Griff speaks on and many many more hip hop artists are talking about what in the world is happening. And just like many hip hop people were conscious in their music but went for the bad food bar tours; Many rap people have found God and have turned toward a more conscious more true hip hop like way. But let us step back for a minute and look at some of this from the perspective of die off in both hip hop and rap. Then lets get into the extreme lifestyle promoted by the so called industry, and how any down tempo middle path scene is just way to funky for people stuck on super stars and game globe-head brainwash lifestyles and activities. Many skaters turn pro then get in trouble then turn out christian after a life of being punk. And many rap stars and underground hip hop folk that were not so conscious outside of their music get in trouble and come out muslim.

Why such a lack of middle path and investment in people and studios and solutions based on things like sufi or buddhist values and practices that promote sustainability and longevity. There are plenty of artists and groups that were indy that did live a more balanced life and maybe you could think of lyrics born, project blowed and kool keith as a few. But the answer to the why could really be found in an ability to step back from everything people have been told, even much like a buddhist looks at samsara.

We lost MCA from the Beasties, thousands of tribute shows and did anyone ever even mention or support alternative nutritional studios and people that promote things like going raw, qi gong and http://healingwithwholefoods.com/about/ ????? Lets hope those cup cakes used to make Zmans video cup cake fun was made with superfoods and not white sugar.

So often the people have to speak on something, reducing it down then limited or leaving other key things out. People of the west have been conditioned into wanting “the point”. But in other cultures and say practices like buddhism that explore zen… one should look for the circumference of activity… Like when you see a circle of emptiness.

toa 430

The Primacy of Consciousness could be a great reason to party, why not look at music as a good study?

It is really important that people slow down. They need to get off the crack of mainstream views, the pipe of appearance oriented lifestyles stuck on tats and never looking at compassion and giving that tat money to save the frogs or helping the poor. Why not give the poor that want a better life some recognition for the sobriety values or renunciation skills?

There is so much to get into and share it cannot be done here in one blog entry. So lets sign off for now with a few suggestions and keep the discussion going. A topic of mind control can be very hard for many. But for many it is a liberating thing to become more aware. Consciousness (Awareness) must be shared to come into being……. The journey of awakening is a job to always look for where things are interconnected; look for the truth of interdependence! But people do not want to talk about interdependence anymore than they want to talk about how cows are the reason the rain forest is being destroyed. So sometimes it is easier to review how the old world is not working by standing on a flat earth. Just don’t let the rap stars tell you there is an edge or a dome.

Keep it simple, juice, enjoy oolong and other fun healthy sacred drinks and skip the corporate stuff for your Megasonic sounds and other good stuff.


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